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Backup (BaaS)

Our backup strategy leverages tools which look at your systems and only transfers “first seen data” to the Iserv backup repository. Once it arrives, the data is deduplicated at a 4K block level and then written to our disks. An important distinction is that your data is encrypted from the moment it leaves your server until it’s returned to your server should you ever need it. There is no secret sauce because your business is only charged for the bits that are protected in our enterprise-grade storage system. Managed Backup as a Service delivers complete management and monitoring of your infrastructure, freeing your internal resources from troubleshooting and file restoration.

The Benefits

Take Your BaaS To The Next Level

01. Fast and reliable backup for all workloads

03. No hardware investment

02. Easy installation

04. Zero effort to maintain

05. Comprehensive data protection

Veeam Backup & Replication delivers lightning-fast and reliable restores for individual files, entire VMs, and application items, ensuring that you have confidence in virtually every recovery scenario to give you the ability to attain low recovery time objectives (RTOs). 


Backup & Replication helps businesses achieve comprehensive data protection for all workloads: virtual, physical, and cloud-based. Get fast, reliable, application-aware, image based backups and create consistent, image-level backups with advanced processing. Restore entire virtual machines (VMs) in minutes with Instant VM Recovery.

A single platform for protecting cloud, virtual, and physical data assets
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