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4 Reasons to Choose Network as a Service for your Business

Modern business is fast-paced - your business needs a network that can keep up. Network as a Service (NaaS) is designed to optimize your in-house resources while shifting the workload to automated processes.

A Managed IT partner can help you build a strategy based on your specific needs and implement it professionally. With a secure, reliable network, your business can perform at its highest level.

Reason 1 – Designed with Security in Mind

Employees work from multiple devices on your network, so how can you ensure your business data is secure? NaaS has built-in security features such as threat detection and network segmentation to protect your assets against internal and external data loss. Also, enterprise-level firewalls block suspicious activity and send alerts directly to your team.

Reason 2 – Scale Quickly and Easily

Since the start of the pandemic, most business needs have changed. Some companies switched from primarily brick-and-mortar sales to online orders. Others have had to adjust their networks to accommodate remote work. New cloud applications take up a lot of bandwidth; use NaaS to help support the workload. Using a single dashboard, your team can scale network needs to match demand.

Reason 3 - Cost-Effective: Save Money Now

IT budgets are always tight, but you can eliminate the costs of purchasing equipment by upgrading to cloud-based networking. Managed IT providers offer a subscription-based model, so you can access best-in-class technology for a fraction of the cost. Plus, you can leverage your vendor’s financing options to stay well within budget.

Reason 4 – Management Made Effortless

Your business’ goal – invest in a secure, scalable network solution that brings efficiency to your in-house team. “As a Service” means you can automate daily maintenance tasks, so your staff’s time is better focused on growth. And since the entire network is controlled from a user-friendly dashboard, management is easier than ever.

Looking to upgrade your business network?

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