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Get to Know the Team – Tim Becker – Director of Operations

Born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI, Tim graduated from Davenport University with a degree in Computer Information Systems. His love of technology led him to work for UPS Mailbox Etc. and the City of Grand Rapids managing their IT operations. Tim’s experience with large data systems and engineering leadership brought him to Iserv as our Director of Operations one year ago.

As Director of Operations, Tim’s role is widespread. He serves as the lead for our Customer Service Representatives, our Managed Services Technicians, and our Data Center Engineering teams. Tim spends his days ensuring that projects are scheduled and completed on time, customer systems are maintained, and that issues are handled efficiently. He was also an integral part of the Iserv transition into the Switch data center, which allows us to better deliver Cloud solutions to our customers.

Q & A

1. How did your childhood prepare you for your job today?  “When I was 15, my dad went to go buy a new stereo for the house and came back with a new stereo and an Apple 2E. My brother learned how to move dots across the screen and I learned how to communicate with bulletin boards and connect them all over the world. Now my brother works at SAS and I work at Iserv.”

2.What’s the one accomplishment you are most proud of?  “My family… That my wife and I were able to get our kids through high school and they’re are all doing well. Now we have 6 grand kids and a 7th on the way.”

3. What technology innovation made the most impact on your life?   “The ability to remote support people over the internet. It got rid of the need to drive from place to place to fix things for people. We can do more with less faster.”

4. What would a “perfect” day look like for you?  “That’s easy. My wife and I camping in Idlewild. We would just chill out, do nothing, walk the dog, and sit by the bonfire.”

5. If You Could Speak Another Language, Which Would It Be And Why?  “German. I’ve always wanted to go to Europe and be able to communicate there.”

6. Lightning round:

  1. Favorite food? pizza

  2. Favorite color? blue

  3. Pets? 1 dog named Roxy

  4. Favorite movie? Officer and a Gentleman

  5. First job? Papa’s Pizza – delivery driver

  6. Play any instruments? No, tried to learn trumpet

7. What’s one sentence you’d like to hear from your boss?  “Jeff is one of the best bosses I’ve ever worked for. So, I can’t think of a specific sentence because I normally get to hear what I need to hear on a regular basis.”

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