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How Tech Powers Professional Football

Written by: Kirstin Kohl, Iserv Marketing Manager, Detroit Lions fan

Football season is upon us! As stadiums begin to reopen, teams and field owners should be looking into IT solutions that enhance the football experience. Cloud-based software, WiFi, and video surveillance allow stadiums to manage their physical space efficiently. Likewise, coaches/players can perform at a higher level, so fans get maximum enjoyment from the game. Let’s discuss.

1. Cloud Management

Football is more complex than people realize; the game is dominated by data. Teams should be using a cloud management solution to host and support all their analytics software. Materials such as scouting videos, player statistics, and training programs can be stored in the cloud for continuous availability and security.

From the stadium perspective, cloud technology helps keep operations running smoothly. Lights, scoreboards, and sound systems require a high level of accuracy, and a cloud-based dashboard lets you monitor and troubleshoot issues quickly.

2. Smart Stadium

Technology has a positive impact on everyone in the stadium. Fans expect to take pictures, post on social media, and visit the team app. Managed WiFi offers a high-speed connection and appropriate bandwidth to cover all coach, employee, and visitor devices in your facility.

Connectivity is crucial for stadium staff too. Whether scanning tickets or working a cash register, a Managed Network can add convenience and speed to the transaction. High-speed POS systems gather purchasing analytics so food and retail vendors can tailor their offerings to match customer preferences.

3. Video Surveillance

Physical security is extremely important when you’re dealing with large crowds. Cloud-based cameras provide 24/7 monitoring of entrances/exits, retail vendors, parking garages, ATMs, and other high-traffic areas. Accessible on any device, your security team can review footage and quickly share this data with law enforcement in case of emergency.

Your security strategy should also include access control. Cloud-based door controllers verify people with permission to enter specific areas and alert you to unauthorized attempts. This technology helps to limit liability and enhance venue management.

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