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How to Streamline your Supply Chain with the Cloud

An IT-driven supply chain makes it simple to track detailed product information from the manufacturing line to a customer’s hand, and every step in-between. Access to real-time data lets your piece of the chain proactively manage vendor relationships, inventory, and delivery. In the cloud, your business becomes more efficient and collaborative.

1. Manufacturers/Suppliers

At the creation level, manufacturers need full visibility over the flow of raw materials and finished products. The cloud helps you share and analyze data between partners, so production can fluctuate based on demand. You also gain insight into potential delays in supply and can then make process improvements.

2. Retailers/Distributors

Inventory management is a critical part of the retailer’s job. Cloud-based software allows stores (physical and online) to predict demands, manage orders, and issue invoices accurately. Smart POS systems can even capture sales data and trigger reorders so you’re never without the necessary stock.

3. Logistics/Transportation

Product tracking was always important, it’s just a lot more detailed now. Using the cloud, logistics companies can monitor shipments in real-time and pass along status info to consumers. Drivers should be outfitted with handheld mobile devices that scan packages and send automatic proof of delivery.

4. Customers/End-Users

Supply chain efficiency ultimately benefits the customers, who expect high-quality products, predictable service, and fast delivery. Cloud applications give people more control over their buying journey, resulting in increased satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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