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NaaS: Virtualize, Simplify, and Revolutionize

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Current network infrastructure is an inflexible entity, suffering from limited bandwidth and control options. Large amounts of users connecting to multiple devices throughout the day leads to greater consumption of IT systems. The solution…Network as a Service. NaaS delivers network services virtually over the internet on a “subscription” basis, allowing tenants to have virtual cloud network access with more security and transparency.

Traditional network infrastructure was not originally designed for the way we consume IT now. The additional strain on bandwidth is a challenge that affects connectivity in businesses. The NaaS solution provides expanded bandwidth options because the network is virtual; all your business needs is one computer and internet access to log on to the NaaS portal. The portal is easy to use and cloud-service providers maintain the data center while subscribers access it with a secure network.

  • Network as a Service simplifies processes through virtualization, creating more efficiency without requiring configuration on individual devices.

  • With NaaS, your network becomes a utility, paid for like water or electric, which is tailored to your specific company requirements. The “subscription” system helps businesses to reduce operational cost by avoiding investments in network hardware and an in-house IT staff.

  • NaaS is highly scalable, allowing a business to select a plan that makes sense for the current usage and the ability to increase capacity when necessary.

  • The NaaS portal provides advanced analytics and real-time visibility about how services are functioning.

  • This solution includes backup and disaster recovery solutions, system updates, maintenance and support for all local and remote business locations.

Network as a Service lets you focus on your core business rather than in-house networks because cloud providers offer 24/7 expertise and skilled experts to configure details and continue monitoring your systems. Empower your network by streamlining processes and virtualizing your connections. Better technology for a better business.


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