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The Need for Open (but Managed) WiFi

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

It’s the 21st century. The current business person is connected and most often nomadic in their workspace. Wireless technology paves the way for global communication and commerce and without it, we would be stuck in one office with one desktop computer, unable to collaborate effectively with our coworkers and customers. Managed WiFi frees you from the cost and burden of traditional wired infrastructure that limits the mobility and flexibility of your staff.

Gone are the days when employees sit and work at a desk all day. Enter BYOD or the Bring Your Own Device movement. Employers allow employees access to their mobile devices as a tool for performing work tasks, thereby exponentially increasing the productivity of their staff. For employees, the convenience of using a device that they are comfortable with makes the work seem less like work. It also creates easy collaboration on projects across wide distances and the potential to develop deeper relationships with customers. For employers, Managed WiFi providers support the influx of devices and the bandwidth they use so that employees have the desired freedom but the data remains secure.

In the age of mobile computing, information security is extremely important. The leak of confidential corporate data could lead to the end of the business. Managed WiFi ensures security so that each individual user has the correct access to network resources on their own devices, but policies are in place to prevent security risks or bandwidth impacts. Management by a third party who is an expert in Managed Wireless Technology uses a centralized dashboard to meet consumer privacy expectations and provide remote troubleshooting and monitoring.

Today, WiFi is expected at venues of all types, and especially in the workplace. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just installing a few access points, but Managed WiFi providers help organizations deploy plug and play mobility solutions with quick, expert precision. Connected businesses have a voice in the global marketplace. Empower your employees and embrace mobility.


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