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Providing services to customers worldwide for over 25+ Years


Affordable Connectivity Program Solutions by Iserv

People expect WiFi everywhere nowadays, and now you can make it easy for them to connect! Iserv designs fully managed solutions for both public and private usage in buildings and outdoor areas (playgrounds, courtyards, retail spaces, concert venues, transportation depots, etc.). Using our 25+ years’ experience and advanced simulation technology, our engineers can identify best equipment placement to ensure 100% coverage.

The Benefits

Take Your Affordable Housing Connectivity To The Next Level

From connectivity to WiFi, our solutions are specific to the needs of ever-advancing technology within housing communities. In addition to WiFi, our management capabilities extend to secure office connections, maintenance systems, IOT, environmental sensors, security cameras and more. Iserv’s turnkey solution includes more than just design and deployment. We continue to manage and maintain your IT network and your end-users, so you don’t have to. Don’t think your budget allows for an upgrade? That’s ok – we offer multiple financing options so you can always complete projects in a timely manner.


We meet with your management team to understand the space, the end-users, and your goal.

(1 week)


Our experience, engineers, and technology allow us to design and simulate a robust, secure solution that helps achieve your goal.

(2 weeks)


Our design staff works closely with field teams and your teams to deploy the solution.

(2-6 weeks)

Technology Verification

Our design and support engineers confirm the solution we deployed is performing as expected and in alignment with your goal.

(2 days)


We work with you to introduce the solution to the end-users providing education, signage, training, etc. Our support teams also start to gather solution performance data that will be used to set up real-time network analytics. These are used to ensure consistent performance.

(1 week)


Leverage 24/7/365 NOC support where we proactively monitor issues as well as assist end-users to best utilize the system. We will make both AI and real-time adjustments to performance. (multiple years)

Solution Futureproofing

We watch how the solution performs and look to identify where advancements in equipment and tech may allow us to increase network performance due to everchanging needs based on your original goal.

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