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Providing services to customers worldwide for over 25+ Years


Why Iserv Voice?

Powered By Wildix

Over the past 25 years, Iserv has been on the forefront of voice technology, evolving our solutions to match the needs of the current business office. Our partnerships with industry-leading voice providers and our parent company 382 Communications, lets us offer the best value for our customers. 

Contact us to get started on the path to transforming your communications into a strategic competitive advantage.

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Wildix PBX - Basic

For employees who simply need to make and receive calls. Answering machine, fax functionality, call handling, call transfer. The classic PBX but with more than just the stability and security of Wildix.

Ideal For

Those who work without a PC but only with a telephone, telephones for hotel rooms, fax workstations and telephone.

What's Included

  • 1 Device for each user

  • Phonebook on phones (without presence)

  • Voicemail

  • FAX machine – FXS devices

  • Doorphones devices

  • LDAP / Active Directory / Google apps / Office

  • 365 authentication

  • Unlimited trunks

  • Unlimited IVR

  • Unlimited ACD

  • Timetables

  • WMSNetwork


Price with Workforce Phone (OPEX):

Price with Phone (CAPEX):




+ phone price

Wildix UC - Essentials

Wildix Collaboration is ideal for multi-location offices and teams working on shared projects. In

addition to phone service, you can share documents, chat, call with a click and view the status of colleagues and geolocation.

Ideal For

Backoffice staff, work teams.

What's Included

  • Web Collaboration

  • 10 Devices for each user

  • Click to Dial / Call Pop-Up

  • iPhone/Android client

  • Live presence in Phonebook

  • Activate FAX server for all users

  • Chat and Presence; Post – it

  • File transfer

  • Desktop Sharing

  • WebRTC Video Calls peer to peer

  • Full access to Phonebooks

  • Sending and receiving

  • Call recording


Price with Workforce Phone (OPEX):

Price with Phone (CAPEX):




+ phone price

Wildix UC - Business

Collaboration and videoconferencing along with increased productivity via open communication

with outside world. The PBX perfectly integrates with your CRM. WebRTC KITE opens up the flow of communication to the outside and connects your website to your offices:

Ideal For

Marketing, sales, sales and support, call center operator.

What's Included

  • Kite WebRTC – Chat – Audio – Video – Desktop sharing from the company Website

  • Wizyconf WebRTC video conference – 1 license per each user who needs to set up conferences

  • WebAPI

  • TAPI

  • Predictive dialer API

  • Attendant Console

  • Outlook integration

  • Zoho integration

  • Agents call activity logging with x-caracal


Price with Workforce Phone (OPEX):

Price with Phone (CAPEX):




+ phone price

Wildix UC - Premium

All the advantages of a secure PBX, with streamlined internal and external communication that increases your productivity … plus the ability to control the performance and activity of your


Ideal For

Management, call flow monitoring and analysis, contact center activity reports.

What's Included

  • CDRView

  • “Contact Center” – Management interface; ASR (automatic speech recognition)*

  • TTS (text to speech)*

  • Worldwide Phonebook**

  • Voicemail Transcription

  • Access to x-caracal dashboards; as well as all the features of UC-Business

* 2h per Month per License

** System wide features. One license activates the feature for the full system


Price with Workforce Phone (OPEX):

Price with Phone (CAPEX):




+ phone price

A complete phone service for any device that allows nation-wide calling to and from the device. This is setup on the 382 SIP Trunk and uses 382 DIDs. They are set up through the Wildix portal. Our Engineers are trained to use this portal.

Iserv Voice

For customers that want a robust and versatile phone service.

Cloud-based phone system

Make and receive voice and video calls

over PSTN or an internet connection

Join calls from a range of devices.

Answering Machine and Fax Options

Phone number and PSTN service for Nationwide US Domestic Calls

International Plans available

Phone (OPEX is a 6 month commitment)

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