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Providing services to customers worldwide for over 25+ Years



With an internet connection, a computer and a Cloud portal, your business network infrastructure is hosted virtually with 100% accessibility. Avoid the hassle of everyday network management by partnering with the Iserv team! Using best-in-breed equipment, we work to build a sophisticated network ecosystem at your location that we manage and support. Our experts collaborate with your IT team to design a highly secure and transparent environment that gives you complete control of the network.

The Benefits

Take Your Connectivity To The Next Level

Iserv’s Network as a Service solution includes a customer portal ticketing system to connect you with our 24/7/365 support desk. Implement changes and operate your network directly from the portal with performance monitoring, security, and compliance taken care of for you.


NaaS is architected to optimize for network flexibility as your business continues to grow. Bandwidth usage spikes during peak seasons or office expansion require the agility to scale network workloads to meet service needs. Iserv’s Cloud-based service allows for dynamic modifications to resources and cost savings by paying only for what you need.

Customer Portal

Fully Manage Your Connections For Your Users And Critical Infrastructure 

When we say a full managed secure network we are talking about all aspects of that network. We set your company with not only a primary but a backup network connection from two different redundant paths. Your ability to stay connected is one of the most important aspects of a secure network and we make sure that you are always on. Our network operations center is managing your network for you 24/7 and when there is an issue we go ahead and manage these events for you. 

Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Content & Malware Protection

The security of your network is so important and it’s the area that many companies overlook until its too late. We use the best in class security devices from Cisco and Ubiquity to make sure you are protected from all of the things that can impact your business. From Firewall settings, Intrusion Prevention to content and Malware protection we make sure you have all the visibility and protection you need no matter what size your network is. Our 24/7 Network operations centers are making sure that your network is behaving as it should and taking steps to protect you at all times from the things that would do your business harm. 

Fully Redundant Security

Device Fail-Over

Our Cisco and Ubiquity security devices can be configured for multiple layers of software and hardware failover always making sure that when you are connected to the Internet your systems are protected.  

Security Support For 10-10,000 Users For A Single Site To 100's Of Sites, One Network One Approach With Complete Visibility In Real Time.

Your business is never to small or two big for good security, our 12,000+ customers range from small home offices to large customers 10’s of thousands of users over 100’s of sites we manage it all.

Wired And Wireless Access Management Right Down To The Device And End User

Your connections are more than the cable that is plugged into the wall, they are also all those other devices that connect wirelessly as well and we can help managing them all. 

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