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Providing services to customers worldwide for over 25+ Years


Cyber Security


PCI Compliance is a requirement for credit card processing, brand compliance as well as some cyber insurance policies. Combine that with owner requirements and you have adaunting task. PCI is only one facet of cyber security that forms a basis for best security practices. Iserv has the ability to focus and adapt 25 years of experience toward servicings mall independent properties and midsized management companies. The goal is to provide enterprise-quality cyber consulting at small business pricing with an emphasis on clear non-technical communications to our clients.

The Benefits

Take Your Cyber Security To The Next Level

PCI Compliance Planning

We help you understand the complexity of PCI DSS by performing an assessment of your environment. We have developed a custom process to determine a client’s PCI Compliance strengths and weaknesses. Together we spend an hour going through a specialized worksheet based on the PCI Security Councils Self-Assessment Questionnaire. This helps produce an easy-to-read custom report to educate on the overall PCI readiness. We then develop a plan to help prioritize and meet the 12 Requirements of PCI. 

Cyber Security Assessment

Even if a property or business does not rely on processing credit cards for a customer, they do need to protect themselves from cybersecurity threats. Often times a business needs todevelop and refine internal policies and procedures to protect themselves. However, vendors do not sell policies; they sell products. We make sure you are optimizing your IT investment with impactful policies and procedures to implement inexpensively or free. When investments are required, you can rely on us to find a vendor and product that makes sense for the business you are today, with an eye on the business you may become tomorrow. We can assess the cost and risks of buying expensive products before you get in too deep.

Special IT Projects

Installations and upgrades are time-consuming. Sometimes vendors have technical or operational questions that your team simply cannot answer. A good project manager like Iserv will be able to facilitate the process and ask the right questions in a concise way to keep your team on track. We can assist you with creating a Request for Proposal helping youto focus on your actual needs. This can save you thousands of dollars over time by getting the right product and package the first time.

Data Decommisioning

A business of property owner is ultimately responsible for the customer data they possess. Legislation is in effect right now with national and international regulators that feature significant fines for disclosure of 'data subjects' (citizen) information. The implementation of the California Consumer Privacy Act Jan 1, 2021 will be the first of ever more stringent US state requirements. Many other states are stepping up their policies regarding data theft and disclosure of their citizens. We help to locate, categorize, archive, and dispose of data properly so that disclosure does not happen when you are no longer the data custodian. 

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