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3 Cloud Tech Tools for Nonprofits

Nonprofits have an urgent drive to better their communities, but the way people engage with charities has changed. In a technology-driven world, you’ve got to reach donors and volunteers where they are – online.

Cloud technology enables your team to communicate and work more effectively. Organize events, manage applications, and process donations with user-friendly, cloud-based tools. Let’s dive deeper into the specifics.

1. Collaboration - Microsoft SharePoint & Teams

Nonprofits have staff everywhere – in offices, at events, and working from home. SharePoint lets your remote workforce access and share files from any device, anywhere. You can also offer limited permissions to volunteers that need to view training videos and sign waiver paperwork before event day.

MS Teams is your one-stop communication solution. Instant message and video meeting features let you collaborate in real-time, so your projects always stay on schedule. A centralized cloud platform empowers your staff and volunteers to brainstorm ideas and work better together.

2. Automation – Microsoft Azure Cloud

Nonprofits that are bogged down by busy work don’t succeed. Your technology strategy should include tools that maximize staff time and eliminate repetitive tasks. Start by migrating your applications to the cloud to simplify management.

For example, you can push updates to volunteer laptops and tablets from a single dashboard, instead of physically adding software to each individual device. Cloud applications also help with donor management; automate membership renewal notifications and social/email campaigns to new audiences.

3. Security – Azure Active Directory

Nonprofits deal with a lot of personal and payment information. Therefore, security/compliance should be an integral part of your strategy. Active Directory provides multi-factor authentication and seamless sign-on functions to protect against external threats.

Event participants and patrons can log on to an online account and donate, after being prompted to authenticate with a texted code. This secondary security layer assures your donors that their payment info is safe with your business.

Share your cause with the world by becoming a tech-powered nonprofit!

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