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3 Reasons to Upgrade to Managed WiFi Services

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Are you struggling to provide your employees and guests with accessible WiFi? Maybe you’re having trouble controlling separate networks for both groups? Managed WiFi allows employers with limited to no IT staff to support hundreds of users without losing connection speeds and reliability.

Benefits for Employees

  • Managed WiFi provides faster connections and an improved user experience, preventing decreased performance on applications through appropriate bandwidth management.

  • The upsurge of BYOD practices has caused an increase of employee devices and apps which cause a drain on wireless networks. Managed WiFi services create reliable networks which encourage employee activity and flexibility, as well as increase communication and collaboration outside of the office.

Benefits for Employers

  • Many businesses don’t have a dedicated IT staff to handle a large wireless network. Managed WiFi is 100% cloud-based with zero-touch provisioning and remote troubleshoot features offer faster response time and no technical support calls to your office.

  • Managed WiFi deployments can include a private network for employees and a completely separate public wireless network for customers and guests. This service provides businesses with reliable connections while maintaining strict network security.

  • Employers can maximize ROI by utilizing analytical resources to gather usage and presence data for business intelligence purposes.

Benefits to Customers/Guests

  • If you’re a business that interacts with the public frequently (hotels, schools, event spaces, commercial buildings), people expect WiFi to be available.

  • Businesses that provide WiFi for their guests can improve operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. Some benefits include increased foot traffic, more time spent on location and larger amounts of money that customers will spend in your establishment.

Connecting Managed WiFi for your business is a smart decision as it benefits everyone. Your non-technical staff can just plug it in, while Managed Technology Solutions engineers configure the program details and set up the service. Outsourcing your wireless service helps businesses to control their networks, reduce management costs and leverage external tech support experience.

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