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  • Writer's pictureKirstin Kohl

3 Reasons to Upgrade your Business WiFi

It’s a brand-new year, which means it’s time to review your IT strategy. Businesses have shifted to wireless networks to run applications and operations. Through a Managed WiFi provider, you can support a mobile workforce, improve security, and simplify network management. Plus, you save time and money.

1. Support a Mobile Workforce

Employees need continuous access to applications as they move between desktops, laptops, and smartphones. Managed WiFi is designed to support high bandwidth demands and provide consistent connectivity for users. When logged into the network, co-workers can collaborate with video, chat, and VoIP tools in real-time, which means projects are tackled efficiently and accurately.

2. Improve Security

Data mobility creates potential risks for your business. A Managed WiFi solution counters with built-in security features to protect the flow of sensitive data over your network. Everything is customized to your business needs; you can set up separate staff/visitor networks or segment access by department to avoid unnecessary data loss.

3. Simplify Network Management

WiFi automation is the name of the game. As your business grows, your IT team should offload the daily routines to a third-party provider. With manual tasks removed, there’s time to develop the overall IT strategy. Your entire network and all connected devices are visible from a single dashboard so you can pull reports to glean valuable analytics.

Iserv offers an all-in-one WiFi solution – we handle all design, installation, management, and support. Contact us for more info:


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