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  • Writer's pictureKirstin Kohl

3 Reasons Why Retailers Love the Cloud

The internet has changed shopping expectations, with higher value now placed on convenience and speed. Start by integrating your in-store and online experiences to provide timely and cost-effective service. Leveraging the cloud, retailers can manage supply, communicate to audiences, and support sales without breaking the bank.

Consumers expect to make purchases seamlessly, so it’s important that your info is updated and available. Once business data is moved to the cloud, your team can easily manage pricing, inventories, and delivery for physical locations and on the website.

Never fall short on stock due to a mistake by manual inventory! Cloud automation tools can send real-time reports with current supply levels and alert when you’re running low. In this way, you can build a predictive demand schedule and maximize customer satisfaction.

Technology allows retailers to gain greater insight into their customers’ buying behavior. Based on the collected data, you can evaluate preferences, offer promotions, and deliver personalized products and services. Consumers appreciate a more customized shopping experience.

Additionally, creating an account on a retailer's website has become the norm. I’m willing to enter my personal and payment data if saving it for next time makes the checkout process more convenient. With the cloud, you can automate messaging to keep people engaged with your brand.

Most retailers still have brick-and-mortar locations. Sales associates can better serve shoppers if the data they need is at their fingertips. A Managed Network supports mobile POS systems (mPOS) to connect employees with inventory and payment systems from any device.

In the sporting goods store, the salesperson can look for your specific shoe and size from his tablet without having to check the back. Your server can swipe your credit card at the table without walking back through the crowded restaurant. Access to the cloud network increases sales and customer interaction.

It’s almost Cyber Monday! Is your business prepared for the flood of customers?

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