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3 Things About Video Surveillance That Manufacturers Love

From the factory floor to loading docks and parking lots, smart camera systems deliver a variety of advantages for manufacturers. Modern surveillance solutions capture more than just video; they are built to drive optimization with data analytics, access control, and environment monitoring. These features improve visibility and security for manufacturers while protecting both employees and products. Let’s dig a little deeper in the following three sections.

1. Data Analytics Platform

Using cloud-based management software, your team can easily set up new cameras, manage settings, and archive footage for multiple locations from anywhere and on any device. If we consider cameras to be the eyes and ears, your software represents the brain of your operation, using collected data to make continuous improvements.

  • Remote Access – Watch live or search footage by date, time, and motion to monitor production, quality control, employee safety, potential theft situations, and more. You can also create and share live links with first responders in case of an emergency.

  • People Analytics – Simplify and speed up investigations with intelligent people and face detection. Browse through high-resolution snapshots of all individuals on the factory floor to maximize worker safety.

  • Vehicle Analytics – This powerful feature allows you to filter vehicles by date, time, vehicle make, color, and body type. Additionally, license plate reading technology helps to identify vehicles entering and exiting your facility.

2. Access Control

Manufacturers often rely on trade secrets to remain competitive. Are you effectively monitoring access to sensitive areas in your buildings? Access Control lets you manage traffic flow of non-legitimate persons visiting your site to better protect your employees and materials. Door stations with integrated video and audio enable entry to those with appropriate cards/pins/mobile access only. Plus, you can receive alerts and unlock doors remotely from your phone.

3. Environmental Sensors

The most recent tech development in physical security is the integration of all-in-one sensors for monitoring environmental changes. Each sensor can be managed from the data analytics platform and simultaneously measures air quality, temperature, humidity, motion, and noise. Pinpoint bottlenecks in your production line and identify equipment failures by setting up real-time alerts on your mobile device.

Enhanced video surveillance empowers businesses to make big efficiency improvements. Using collected data, you gain hindsight, insight, and foresight into your operations. And if you leverage that data correctly, you can blow past your competition.

All features described in this blog are from Verkada (Iserv’s physical security partner). Email us today at to try out a free demo camera for 30 days!

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