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3 Ways Unified Communications Beats Traditional Phone Service

As mobility becomes more important, outdated desk phones can’t keep up. Moving forward, a digital workspace is required to communicate effectively with co-workers and customers from anywhere and on any device.

Fortunately, Unified Communications (UC) delivers all your collaboration tools in a centralized, cloud-based platform. Features like VoIP, instant message, video conference, and file share are integrated into one reliable and user-friendly IT solution. Besides the obvious benefits for staff, your management team will see the enhanced simplicity, cost-efficiency, and functionality that UC brings to overall business outcomes.

1. Simplicity

Traditional phones have restrictions, the biggest of which is infrastructure. Desk phones must connect to a physical line, which limits an employee’s work area. VoIP uses the internet, so they can make/receive calls from any location and any device.

Desk phone hardware requires regular maintenance from onsite technicians, but UC allows you to upgrade to the newest application and security software instantly.

Set up is simple too. Using the web portal, you can add or remove users without interrupting operations. 24/7 monitoring and support ensure all calls are clear and connected, and most issues are remedied before you’re even aware of them.

2. Cost-Efficiency

Traditional phones fall under a CapEx model, where businesses purchase equipment upfront and continue to pay for ongoing maintenance. UC operates in the cloud, allowing employees to turn devices they already use into mobile workspaces.

Costs can stack up quickly when you’re subscribed to separate phone, chat, and video conferencing services. UC consolidates all these tools into a single platform, so you can maximize your investment.

Saving money is great, but UC also helps drive revenue for your business. Employees that have the right tools provide better customer service. And happy customers talk about their products/experiences.

3. Functionality

Traditional voice service has one function – phone calls. UC offers the competitive advantage of having one IT solution to manage all communication tools, providing the same experience you're used to at your desk while mobile, including calling, meeting, messaging, and more.

  • App Integration - works on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones

  • One Number – Maintain your professional image with your business number across all your devices

  • Direct and Group Chat – Exchange messages in real-time to minimize email overload

  • File-Sharing – Instantly share files with a simple drag and drop

  • Meeting Room – Invite colleagues and guests to your private My Room meeting space, without the hassles of dial-in numbers and passcodes

Ask yourself: how do you connect with co-workers and customers?

Learn how to replace your aging equipment with a cloud phone system today! Call 888.644.7378 or fill out our form at for more info!


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