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3 Ways Windows Virtual Desktop Simplifies IT Management

In Sept 2019, Microsoft launched Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). The platform migrates Windows apps to the cloud, allowing users to log in to their unique desktop from anywhere and on any device. WVD has become the solution that provides reliable access, enhanced security, and considerable cost savings for businesses. Here’s how.

1. Reliable Access

Whether due to Covid or company strategy, the modern workforce is now more remote and mobile than ever. Leveraging WVD and the cloud, your employees will get the same experience as a local desktop from anywhere. The virtual desktop creates a more flexible and productive work environment with features such as Seamless Single Sign On (instant, secure access from any device). Also, Microsoft’s suite of collaboration tools helps staff communicate to complete projects faster.

2. Enhanced Security

Security in Windows Virtual Desktop is multifaceted. Data stored in a centralized cloud environment (not on individual devices) is easier to protect and control access to. Additionally, Microsoft spends approx. $1 billion annually on cybersecurity research, so your desktops are always up to date with the latest features.

  • Identity and Access Management

    • Protect your employees, partners, and customers working remotely with Azure Active Directory

  • Advanced Threat Protection

    • Respond automatically to malicious activity and protect your business

  • Information Protection

    • View the data landscape, monitor policy violations, and flag risky behavior

3. Considerable Cost Savings

Upkeep and management account for 50-70% of the cost of owning a PC. With virtual desktops, businesses save on the cost of purchasing, managing, and supporting physical hardware. And you can use your existing Microsoft 365 licenses!

Reduce costs further by choosing WVD for scalability. You can add or remove users quickly and shut down idle machines saving management time and resources.

Simplify your business IT by readying some new capabilities within Microsoft Azure. Windows Virtual Desktop will not let you limit mobility, compromise security, or stay in an investment-heavy CAPEX model.

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