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4 Reasons (Other than Security) Your Business Needs Cloud Backups

Your business depends on data, so protecting it is a top priority. But I feel like most backup/DR solutions only highlight the security benefits. Don’t get me wrong; defending data against the unknown threat is extremely important. There are just a few MORE reasons why cloud backups are valuable, and I wanted to talk about those here.

1. No Work Disruptions

The first rule of data protection: backup consistently and often. Traditional backups are time-consuming and require a person to manually replicate files, but the cloud uses automation to back up your data without wasting your IT teams’ resources. Running seamlessly in the background, cloud backups don’t impact work performance or interfere with user endpoints. They simply keep your data safe at all times.

2. User-Friendly Management

Cloud technology makes it easy to manage backups with a customizable dashboard and advanced reporting features. RTOs and RPOs can be built to match your specific business needs and compliance requirements. Plus, the solution is 100% scalable, so your backups can adjust as you grow.

3. Quick Data Access

Best practices recommend that your backups be housed in an off-site secondary location for maximum security. But how long does it take to restore in a disaster scenario? Cloud backups, as opposed to external drives or servers, allow users to access their files in minutes instead of days/weeks. Since your employees can’t work without data, that downtime could be the difference between the success and failure of the company.

4. Continuous Support

Arguably the most valuable asset of cloud backups is professional support. Backup as a Service includes custom design, remote monitoring, and a 24/7/365 help desk. Working with a Cloud Services Provider also ensures your company is updated with the newest authentication, encryption, and anti-virus software.

Let us help make sure your hard work stays safe. Ask how to set up your Cloud Backups today:

Written by:

Kirstin Kohl, Iserv Marketing Manager


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