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4 Ways Technology Supports Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Food isn’t just fuel, it’s a lifestyle. New technologies are rapidly changing the way food/beverage manufacturers grow, store, package, and transport foods to increase quality, reduce waste, and speed up production. Modern farmers, processors, and distributors are making a digital transformation by employing data analytics, applications, sensors, and managed networks. Here’s a quick peek at those technologies.

1. Data Analytics

Are you making full use of your data? Leveraging existing info, analytics technology organizes and reports on opportunities, bottlenecks, and potential cost savings. For example, if you can accurately track your demand and build a forecast, you will have better control over inventory management. You can also increase brand loyalty by translating benefits (sourcing, quality, nutritional info) to consumers, thereby adding value to your product.

2. Applications

Demand for higher efficiency in food production requires automation. Microsoft Azure helps deploy and manage your applications, so your team can layer automation and support resources on your machines. Apps also provide real-time data, so you can monitor production and waste.

3. Environmental Sensors

Sensors are crucial to manufacturers, especially those working with fresh or cold foods. You can reliably monitor and manage temperature, humidity, and air quality to create safer growing/storage conditions. All sensor data is connected to the cloud, so your data is accessible from any device, anytime.

4. Managed Network

As products move across the supply chain, your administrators need to keep a bird’s eye view of the process. For compliance and transparency, a managed network provides a comprehensive view of all connected devices. For example, mobile devices make it easy for truckers to upload data which you can then analyze to increase performance.

It’s time to dramatically change the way you produce food. Let Iserv help you implement and manage these technology solutions so you can focus on innovation.

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