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A Guide to Choosing the Best IT Plan for Your Business

Businesses adopt IT for different reasons. Maybe your team is overwhelmed with daily activities, has a big project on the horizon, or you might not have any IT staff at all. Whatever the case, technology can be used to fill in the gaps.

Depending on your specific pain points, third-party IT providers offer various levels of tech management and support. Based on your internal resources and long-term goals, your business can choose between supplemental, project-based, or outsourced IT services.

1. Supplemental IT

Even with dedicated IT staff, dealing with daily operations takes a large chunk of time. This is where an IT partner comes in handy; offload repetitive work to maximize your resources and shift focus to strategic projects. As your business grows, it’s ok to ask for help.


  • 24/7 support from a third-party Network Operations Center can save time and money. Experts will monitor and manage your systems and swiftly troubleshoot issues before you even know they exist.

  • Cloud-based software automates networking activities, so your IT team can maximize their time. Instead of performing manual updates, you simply get notifications when it’s done.

2. Project IT

Ever think about implementing a new IT strategy, but hesitate because you don’t have an expert on staff? Third-party IT providers can step in to provide expertise on specific projects like cloud migration, video surveillance, data protection, and VoIP.


  • Expanding to a new office means making data accessible from multiple locations. IT professionals help design a solution to migrate and secure your data in the cloud. You’ll receive a detailed scope of work and associated costs before the project begins and updates throughout.

3. Outsourced IT

If you don’t have technical people on staff, there’s a clear need for third-party IT. But outsourcing makes sense for businesses with a full department as well. If IT isn’t your competitive advantage, why are you dealing with it? Cost-effective and pragmatic, Managed Technology provides peace of mind that your systems are always running efficiently.


  • A big part of business involves thinking about growth. Besides daily monitoring and support, IT experts offer strategic guidance and custom roadmaps for your future needs. Proactive IT planning will help you keep an edge on your competition.

Whatever type of IT plan you need, Iserv is here to help! We also offer financing to make your projects a reality! Chat us today:


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