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Benefits of Server Virtualization for your SME

Picture a server – a machine that manages your network resources. A physical server takes up space and is expensive/difficult to replace. Virtualization converts a single server into multiple virtual ones, letting you extend hardware life and consolidate operations. It also reduces maintenance/overhead costs, speeds up app deployment, simplifies disaster recovery, and increases visibility. Here’s how.

1. Cost Savings

When it comes to hardware, servers rack up the highest costs. Virtualization lets you optimize resources to save money by reducing the number of physical servers needed. Where your servers live is expensive too; either by leasing a data center space or dedicating a room in your building. Some expected costs include electricity, cooling, and generator upkeep. Fewer servers also mean less maintenance, making better use of your team’s time.

2. Faster Deployment

Installing a physical server has multiple steps: order the server, purchase the associated racks/cables, wait for everything to arrive, build the server infrastructure in the racks, and finally upload the operating system/apps. Doesn’t that sound like a crazy amount of wasted time?! Virtualization lets you create and deploy new virtual machines in minutes, without interruption to your employees, so that your business keeps running smoothly.

3. Automated Backups

Are you proactive about disaster preparedness? With server virtualization, it’s simple to replicate virtual machines, restore data, and proceed from where you were interrupted. Additionally, you can automate disaster recovery testing and enable failover systems.

4. Enhanced Visibility

What if you could monitor performance, track capacity metrics, configure new virtual machines, and create reports for all your servers in minutes? You can! Virtualization offers a user-friendly, single pane of glass dashboard, so you can optimize hardware, automate action items, and analyze opportunities for improvement.

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