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Common Misconceptions About Managed Services

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) can be a valuable resource for businesses looking to outsource IT support and management, but there are a number of misconceptions that can lead some companies to hesitate before taking the plunge. Here are five common misconceptions about managed services, and the truth behind them:

Myth #1: Managed services are too expensive

One of the most common misconceptions about managed services is that they are too expensive for most businesses to afford. In reality, managed services can be a cost-effective way to manage your IT infrastructure, as they allow you to pay for only the services you need, rather than hiring an in-house IT team. Managed services providers often offer flexible pricing options, so you can choose the level of support that best fits your budget. In addition, managed services can help reduce your IT costs in the long run by proactively identifying and fixing potential issues before they turn into costly problems.

Myth #2: Managed services limit your control over your IT

Another common misconception is that managed services limit your control over your IT infrastructure. In reality, managed services providers work closely with you to understand your business needs and goals, and they provide a range of options for how you want your IT managed. You can choose the level of control you want to retain over your IT, and you can work with your managed services provider to customize a plan that meets your specific needs.

Myth #3: Managed services are only for large businesses

Managed services are not just for large businesses – they can be a valuable resource for small and medium-sized businesses as well. Small and medium-sized businesses often have limited IT resources, and managed services can help fill that gap by providing the support and expertise they need. Managed services providers can offer a range of services that are tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, including remote monitoring and maintenance, network and security support, and help desk services. By outsourcing these tasks to a managed services provider, small and medium-sized businesses can focus on their core competencies and leave the IT management to the experts.

Myth #4: Managed services are inflexible

Another myth about managed services is that they are inflexible and cannot adapt to changing business needs. This is simply not true – managed services providers are highly flexible and can work with you to adjust your IT support and management plan as your business grows and changes. Managed services providers are able to offer a wide range of services, and they can be customized to meet your specific needs and goals.

Myth #5: Managed services providers are not accessible

Some businesses believe that managed services providers are not accessible or responsive, and that it will be difficult to get in touch with them when you need support. In reality, managed services providers offer a range of communication options, including phone, email, and online chat, and they typically have 24/7 support available. Managed services providers are committed to providing excellent customer service, and they work closely with you to ensure that your IT needs are met in a timely and efficient manner.

In conclusion, managed services can be a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes, offering cost-effective IT support and management, flexibility, and excellent customer service. Don't let misconceptions hold you back from considering managed services – take the time to learn more about the benefits and options available, and you may find that managed services are the right fit for your business. Learn how Iserv might be the best MSP option for you.


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