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Defend your Business against the Cryptolocker Virus

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

What is the Cryptolocker Virus?

This nasty Ransomware often invades computers by masking as an email from a well-known company. After the attached file opens, the virus starts to encrypt data, making it impossible to access any personal files. Most people are unaware that the virus is spreading until it’s too late, i.e. the countdown timer begins. The clock only gives 72 hours to pay up to $300 before the private key that unlocks your data is destroyed. The creators of the virus require the ransom in virtual currency that is currently untraceable. Unfortunately, many companies must pay for the decryption of their files to resume operations.

Important steps to better defend your business against virus invasion:

1. Keep Anti-Virus Updated

  • Cryptolocker is sneaky. Attachments in phishing emails may seem harmless but are vicious in the way they target your business documents, photos, family videos, and music.

  • Cryptolocker pursues shared network files first, putting your entire business in danger of data loss. Up-to-date anti-virus software on every computer ensures network security and quick Malware detection.

  • Managed Technology Solutions providers can offer security assessments of your systems, giving you crucial information about the weak spots in your defenses.

2. Backup Your Data

  • Cryptolocker is deadly. The virus does not delete your data but encrypts it, making all info beyond the reach of normal data recovery processes. This results in negative business consequences such as disruption of everyday operations and harm to finances and reputation.

  • Regular data backups to a disconnected site can protect your important files from complete destruction. Saving your critical documents every week, or even every day, is easy compared to the threat of losing your company files.

  • Managed Technology Solutions providers offer data center and cloud-based Business Continuity solutions, ensuring that your data is safe during network attacks.

The Cryptolocker creators thrive on causing fear and panic. Giving them money to decrypt data that could have been protected with anti-virus software and/or saved to an external source is only enabling the blackmailers to continue scamming people. Don’t risk your business on hoping out-of-date systems will be enough. Don’t be a victim.


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