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Get to Know the Team – Amanda Henry – Account Executive

Born and raised in Hopkins, Amanda has been a West Michigander all her life. After high school, she attended Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek to play sports. After 2 years playing college basketball and volleyball, Amanda transferred to the University of Northwestern Ohio to finish her Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

About three weeks ago, Amanda joined the Iserv team as an Account Executive. Previous experience in IT sales means she didn’t need much training, so she jumped right in and started to connect with people!

1. How did you hear about Iserv?

“My sister, Andrea, works here as the Customer Service Supervisor. She told me that there was a sales position open and I thought I’d be a good fit.”

2. How did your childhood prepare you for your job today?

“I played a lot of sports growing up, so I think I’m pretty good at connecting with people of all different interests and backgrounds. Also, sales interests me because it’s kind of like a chance to still compete. I don’t have a basketball court anymore, so it gives me a way to push myself.”

3. Where is the best place you’ve traveled to and why?

“Switzerland. Zurich is beautiful, and the people were super nice. I felt comfortable there.”

4. Who’s your go to band or artist when you can’t decide on something to listen to?

“I’d have to pick ZZ Ward. I love her! Nice mix of pop and blues with a little bit of hip-hop. I really want to go to her concert sometime this year.”

5. If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be? Why?

“Will Ferrell. He’s the funniest person in the world.”

6. Lightning round:

  1. Favorite food? Chips and dip

  2. Favorite color? black

  3. Favorite movie? Dr. Strange or anything Marvel

  4. Messy or organized? Organized chaos

  5. Favorite animal? dogs

  6. Play any instruments? No, used to play guitar, but not well

7. You’re getting married in August! Tell us a bit about the wedding.

“My fiance's name is Nick. We’re getting married outside in my parent’s barn. Our colors are sort of a dusty blue and coral. It’s going to be really small and intimate, only about 60 people.”

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