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  • Writer's pictureKirstin Kohl

How Cloud Analytics Help You Achieve Business Success

Success is built on a foundation of strategic decisions. Your business is already creating data, so the smart choice is to analyze and put it to use. The cloud can process large data sets without the physical limitations of an in-house server. Cloud analytics provide useful summaries of sales trends, financial expenditures, and inventory management. Improve the quality of your decisions, and your business becomes more valuable.

Cloud analytics benefit every department in your business. Let’s look at some examples.

  • Marketing/Sales -

Your marketing/sales effort directly affects the number of customers you have. Cloud software allows your team to monitor website traffic, automate email/text communications, and respond to reviews quickly. Use the analytics from these activities to create more effective sales strategies and improve the user experience. Highly effective marketing and sales will help convert more leads into customers.

  • Finance –

This department needs comprehensive, real-time visibility over all financial data. Cloud analytics provide a high-level, organized view of incoming revenue streams and outgoing expenditures. As your business grows, these insights will help improve decision-making at the bottom line.

  • Operations -

To keep business running smoothly, operations leaders need to have all the facts. Cloud software is designed to monitor your performance levels at each step in the supply chain, so you can see operational opportunities and bottlenecks. These tools also provide detailed reports in easily consumable formats, perfect for presentation to your management team.

To learn more about cloud analytics for your business, reach out to Iserv today!


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