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How Managed Tech Helps Overcome Challenges for Mergers and Acquisitions

Merging two companies almost always creates challenges, especially when trying to combine contrasting IT environments. Requirements around security, compliance, and privacy can cause unanticipated issues for customers and confusion for employees. To overcome these hurdles, it’s important to work with an expert IT partner when exploring potential M&A deals. A professional due diligence assessment and a smooth integration process can dramatically decrease risk and disruption during a merger or acquisition.

Due Diligence

The due diligence process provides the opportunity to discuss how two separate systems can operate together and building a plan early will help lower costs and save time on implementation. From the beginning, the IT partner will work hand-in-hand with your org’s IT team to talk about the current state of each environment and the roadmap for the future.

To identify gaps between the current and the desired state, the IT partner will gather a detailed inventory of all hardware, software, and vendor assets. Tools such as network and vulnerability assessments, site surveys, and data center operations analysis will give you a clearer picture of both companies’ technology framework. It also presents areas to invest further as the company grows as one entity.

Doing your due diligence helps create a clear outline of goals and challenges so that you can effectively communicate it to your employees, partners, and customers.


The stakes are high in a multimillion-dollar M&A deal. As the integration plan starts to unfold, the IT partner will provide industry experience and tech expertise to keep your staff from being overwhelmed. Cloud platforms and automation tools will also help streamline operational changes.

Some challenges you’ll encounter:

  • Loss of employees or institutional knowledge

  • Different regulatory rules

  • Discarding legacy systems

Some valuable integration elements:

  • Data Migration Software – for enhanced visibility and standardization when creating a single cohesive record from both companies’ existing data

  • Microsoft Active Directory – for Two-Factor Authentication and other access control features

  • Managed Networking – for seamless communication between staff and customers, and public WiFi for visitors (if applicable)

  • UCaaS – for user-friendly contact between in-office and remote employees and to reduce the need for desk phone hardware

  • Cloud Resources – for enterprise-level, cloud-based security cameras and door access systems

  • Third-party Support – for 24/7/365 monitoring and troubleshooting

A comprehensive due diligence and integration strategy will help smooth out the transition of an M&A deal. Working with an expert IT partner only makes the process easier.

To start your due diligence process, talk to our experts about a free assessment today -


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