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  • Writer's pictureKirstin Kohl

How Technology Transforms the Customer Experience

The business/customer relationship doesn’t end after an item or service is purchased. Businesses are now using technology to provide convenience and support, meeting the end-user where they are. Customers expect a seamless transaction, being kept in the know, and a quick turnaround. Technology, in addition to personal human interaction, will help to transform your customers’ experience. Here are a few examples.

1. Boost Communication

To build a healthy customer relationship, you’ve got to make communication a priority. According to McKinsey, “70% of buying experiences are based on how consumers feel they are being treated”. Automated email check-ins, thank you notes, and service updates show customers your willingness to stay involved and keep them informed. Consistent communication increases brand loyalty and product value as well.

2. Modernize Apps/Website

A lot of purchases occur online today, and people expect quick, safe, user-friendly experiences. Smartphones let customers make an account, save payment data, check loyalty points, and use coupons from the convenience of their couch. Look at your direct competitors – do they use an app? If so, the tech foundation is there for you to adopt as well. Besides sales, businesses should provide an online space for feedback. Customer comments give you a chance to uncover new product lines.

3. Apply Analytics

In addition to reviews, it’s smart to use CRM software to gather meaningful data about your target market. Technology can track and analyze customer activity so you can craft personalized content for their preferences. If you have a clearer picture of their wants/needs and communicate it effectively, your business will be more relevant in their eyes.

4. Speed Up Customer Service

Customers want to interact with your business how they feel most comfortable. While a phone call might be the preferred option for some, many people now choose to leverage the quick chat feature. Fortunately, technology like Unified Communications (UC) allows your team to automate support messages and document issues effectively. Supplementing your customer service with UC offers a clear, reliable voice experience and convenient alternatives.

The buying process has evolved, so businesses must adapt and focus on providing value in a new way. Technology can help you maintain contact, add convenience, anticipate need, and tailor support to your customers. And Iserv can help you skillfully manage your IT to best serve them. Contact us today to learn how:


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