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How the Cloud Reinforces Security for Remote Workers

71% of employed Americans have transitioned to working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic (PewResearch).

For some people, working from a home office or kitchen table is brand new. Now businesses have a need to protect employee data/devices on a much larger attack surface. At this point, traditional security processes aren’t equipped to handle remote work, so organizations are looking to the cloud to reduce security risks. Let’s look at four specific examples.

1. Access Applications with Virtual Desktops

A virtual desktop is designed to provide users the look and feel of their traditional computer from a standardized, secure platform. Using the cloud, your business can offer employees access to all their apps from any device. Virtual desktops are easily scalable, so you can spin up new workloads or turn off resources based on demand.

2. Authenticate Users with Active Directory

Companies must ensure the right people are accessing corporate data. Using Active Directory, you can enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all remote employees. This additional layer of security helps safeguard your assets and is remarkably effective in preventing breaches.

3. Increase Visibility with Monitoring Tools

Understanding data movement is crucial for security. Cloud-based monitoring tools, like Azure, use advanced AI to increase visibility and help you protect against, detect, and respond to security events. Employees enjoy remote work because it offers autonomy – be mindful that you’re monitoring data, not being a “big brother”.

4. Collaborate Easily with Microsoft Teams

Remote work requires communicating and sharing info across the internet. A program like Microsoft Teams, with built-in privacy and threat intelligence features, is an easy way for people to collaborate without compromising security. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest and stored in the cloud for continuous access.

Empower remote workers by providing the technology they need to succeed. At Iserv, we’re committed to helping you find the right tools for your business. Email us today to get started:


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