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IT Considerations When Starting a Startup Business

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

For a startup, the early stages are both exciting and super hectic. You have to swim through the corporate chaos, overcome finance obstacles, and build a strong foundation for your ideas. The technology that supports your business is an important investment, one that increases value long-term. Working with an experienced IT partner can be the difference between viewing tech as a reliable tool or a costly hurdle.

The following are a few items you should consider in the first phase of your startup.

1. Cybersecurity

Protecting proprietary data should be a primary concern. A successful hack or virus can effectively shutter your business before you even start. A comprehensive security strategy is a mix of technology, verified processes, and user training. A professional IT partner offers:

  • Vulnerability assessments to identify potential risk areas

  • Continuous monitoring and 24/7/365 incident response

  • Automated data backups

  • Industry IT compliance fulfillment

2. Lack of IT Expertise

Whether your startup has a dedicated tech person or not, leveraging a professional lets you tap into a broader range of IT knowledge. A Managed Services partner can help streamline your operations with design, installation, configuration, and support services. Delegate your maintenance and management tasks so your staff resources are focused on growth.

3. IT Budgeting

Startups must be especially budget-conscious – either overspending or cheaping out on an IT solution can greatly affect the future of your business. A partner identifies your needs, creates a custom solution, and manages it for you. Also, the cloud can be scaled up or down very quickly to optimize spending and streamline operations over time.

4. Mobile Device Management

In many startups, projects aren’t limited to the 9-5 workday. Employees need to access data and collaborate with peers in real-time to maintain productivity. Device management and security help your team enhance workflows with enterprise chat, video, and voice functions.

Technology will serve as the backbone of your startup and decisions made in the early stages will have profound impacts. Work together with a professional to maximize your IT investments and set yourself up for success.

Contact us to have a conversation with one of our experts; we would love to hear about your specific needs and priorities.


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