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IT Must-Haves for the Home: By Generation

What do people look for in a home? Whether buying or renting, each generation wants amenities that support their lifestyle – and they’re willing to pay more for it. Homebuilders and property managers can offer greater value by providing technology that fits their needs. Network as a Service is the backbone of these IT tools, supplying buyers/renters with reliable internet connections and secure living spaces.

Note: Every person is different, and IT preferences cannot be fully stereotyped based on generation. This is simply a representation of the trends I have observed when speaking to homeowners/renters combined with my experience in the IT industry.

Baby Boomers – 1946 - 1964

  • Many Baby Boomers own a house, and the most common concern is protecting it. Today’s technology makes home security a user-friendly process from installation to management to support. Using Network as a Service, homes can be outfitted with safety amenities such as cameras, access control, and smart locks. Homeowners can monitor all their security systems from a single dashboard.

  • As the Baby Boomer generation gets older, wireless technology can also facilitate communication and safety. Those who decide to “age in place” can stay in their homes longer with the help of “smart” home and voice recognition initiatives, such as the Amazon Echo (Alexa). In case of an accident or health crisis, a person can say aloud their request to call family members or 911.

Gen X – 1965 - 1980

  • Speaking of voice recognition, Gen Xers are now using internet-connected devices to make their lives easier. This generation values convenience and practicality, so houses/condos/apartments with built-in wireless connections are a plus. Network as a Service provides reliable, 24/7 connectivity so this “digital friend” remains alert and able to assist their human. People can listen to music, check the weather, set medication reminders, make a shopping list, and more by simply using their voice.

Millennials – 1981 - 1996

  • Most millennials are renters or first-time homebuyers, and budget is limited, so we’re looking for the value for our money when choosing a living space. An energy-efficient, “smart” home helps us control physical surroundings, reduce utility bills, and stay environmentally friendly. Network as a Service provides reliable WiFi for all devices. Property managers should consider partnering with an expert for management and support. As a Millennial myself, I would spend more if an apartment came with high-tech amenities that keep me connected and green.

Gen Z – 1997 - 2012

  • This generation grew up immersed in technology and they expect a fully connected apartment. Besides high-speed internet for residents, Network as a Service supports digital tools like your website and resident portal. These resources allow Gen Zers to view listings, pay rent, renew leases, and request maintenance online. Properties that offer an exceptional living experience are also likely to generate higher word-of-mouth engagement.

As a builder or property manager, you want to create the perfect home for every generation. To learn more about how Network as a Service can help, talk to an expert today:

Written by: Kirstin Kohl, A Millennial (Age 30), (She/Her)


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