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SMART Buildings: Unlock the True Potential of your Business and Home

Technology makes life easier. Are your work and living spaces operating at their highest potential for you? SMART building solutions use AI and automation to maximize security, efficiency, and responsiveness for your employees and end-users. Whether it’s new construction or retrofitting to an existing building, SMART technology is customized to fit your specific needs, regardless of technical experience. Here are a few ideas about how SMART tech can work for you.

1. Physical Security

Today, video surveillance has taken the place of human security guards. Using cloud-based video security, your team can easily set up new cameras, manage settings, and archive footage for multiple locations from anywhere and on any device. Also, access control lets you monitor entry and exit points in your building, which increases employee safety and theft prevention. Using data analytics from the dashboard, you can pinpoint opportunities to reduce bottlenecks and improve operations.

2. Environmental Systems

A recent tech development is the integration of all-in-one sensors for monitoring environmental changes. Each sensor can be managed from a central dashboard and simultaneously measures air quality, temperature, humidity, motion, and noise. Powerful analytics drive efficiency and this data can be transformed into cost savings. Building Automation also replaces the repetitive manual tasks like adjusting temp/lights for tenant move-outs or seasonal changes.

Connecting your building is important but connecting to the people inside and out is even more crucial. If you can provide consistent, reliable digital experiences and a comfortable work environment, your employees and clients will be better for it. Network connectivity is a competitive advantage for business and residential property managers with 78% saying “they believe adoption of the latest technologies keeps current residents satisfied” and 84% reporting “it aids them in attracting new residents”. (Businesswire). A SMART building is an asset for Covid precautions too – optimizing spaces to ensure proper social distancing and access.

4. 24/7/365 Support

SMART technology is the star of the show, but you wouldn’t reap the full benefits without support. An IT Partner handles troubleshooting, updates, and questions for you, so your employees, customers, and residents are always connected and happy.

How Iserv Can Help

Using our 25+ years’ experience connecting people with IT, Iserv uses advanced simulation technology to map your building and design a solution to match your exact needs. Then we install, manage, and continuously support your IT, so your team can focus on more innovative projects. Email us today to talk to an expert:

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Devin Stiles
Devin Stiles
May 01, 2023

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