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The Data Protection Battle, Part 3 – Send in Reinforcements

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

In Part 1 and Part 2 we discussed how to protect your business from cyberattacks and what recovery steps to take if you get hit. For this final part, let’s talk about how you can use a breach to make more informed security decisions moving forward. After the threat is contained, your IT staff or third-party professionals should perform their due diligence to learn from the incident. Besides reinforcing employee vigilance and updating threat detection policies, here are a few additional cybersecurity measures to consider.

1. Make Full Backups of Essential Business Data in the Cloud

If you don’t currently back up your data, don’t backup often enough, or your storage hardware is outdated, you’re creating unnecessary risk. Calculate the impact on your company if info is lost and schedule backups that narrow the window. Automatic incremental backups (hourly/daily/weekly) ensure that data can be easily and virtually restored instead of manually recreated. For extra redundancy, store your data in multiple off-site locations, including the cloud.

2. Perform Regular Security Testing

Using a controlled simulation, you can determine how your updated security features will react to a real cyberattack. The data from this exercise highlights vulnerabilities in your system, allowing you to clearly see the areas in need of improvement. Frequent testing and the subsequent corrections you make could save your business a lot of money and hassle.

3. Lean on Cybersecurity Expertise

Cybersecurity is a multi-layered, continuously evolving thing. When considering both short and long-term responses, partnering with an expert may be the most effective option. A Managed Service Provider works with you to assess your current defenses, identify the gaps, design new security protocols, and monitor your networks 24/7/365.

Real-World Examples

In summary, it is more than likely your business will experience some form of cybercrime. Take the time to build a resilient cyber strategy by backing up your data, testing digital security, and consulting with IT professionals.


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