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Top 3 Tech Priorities for Businesses in 2021

To keep up with customer expectations, businesses must be ready, responsive, and reliable. Your strategy should make technology a priority, as it increases the value of your organization. IT tools can help you boost employee productivity, enforce security, and reduce operational costs.

Make your business stand out in the digital age! Here are the top three tech priorities for businesses in 2021.

1. Mobility - Virtual Tools

Whether your employees are working from home or the office, it’s crucial they have access to their applications. A centralized platform, like Azure Cloud, allows your business to manage and support staff while providing the tools they need to work and communicate effectively. Also, simplify remote onboarding by building resource groups to quickly add a new hire to a department’s data set.

Within Azure, Windows Virtual Desktop offers the flexibility to access your work environment from any device, so geography doesn’t hinder productivity. Microsoft Teams lets employees chat, video call, and share files across a secure platform to encourage collaboration. Employees deserve a consistent, secure digital workspace, and you can implement it both easily and inexpensively.

2. Data Security - Monitoring/Authentication Tools

Unfortunately, connecting with various devices creates areas of vulnerability for your business. To combat this challenge, you should consider a cloud solution with built-in cybersecurity tools. And because all businesses differ with data rules and regulatory standards, it’s best to partner with a Cloud Services Provider to build a custom security strategy.

Proactive cybersecurity includes continuous monitoring, threat detection/anti-virus software, cloud backups, and user identification. Within Azure Active Directory, you can enable multi-factor authentication to confirm users and devices before granting data access.

3. Automation - Cloud Tools

According to a study by McKinsey, “up to 45% of activities employees are paid to perform can be automated with today’s technology.” Using cloud-based software, your business can start to automate daily processes such as data input and inventory management, leaving staff available for more innovative projects. The centralized dashboard provides real-time performance analytics, facilitating better decision-making and highlighting opportunities for cost savings.

Want to learn more about these IT tools? Reach out to our team of experts to get started with a Free Assessment.


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