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Why DaaS is the Best Option for your Business

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Are you tired of paying big money for Servers and PCs, wishing there was a way to save that capital for other business priorities? Are your executives and sales people wishing they could access key applications and data when away from their desk? With DaaS, pronounced ‘daz’, your office desktops and apps are hosted by a cloud service provider who manages all of the important functions on your machines and provides your team the freedom to focus on growing your business.

3 Reasons Why Desktop as a Service is a Good Choice for You

1. Cost-Effective

  • Virtual desktops reduce your Total Cost of Ownership due to the decreased need for IT support to maintain each individual system. Application and security upgrades are distributed to every computer within minutes instead of days, saving time and dramatically reducing the efforts to deploy and sustain your IT systems.

  • You get dependable data center resources, at a fraction of the cost of building your own. Improvements in Cloud technology are making it easier and cheaper for cloud providers to create customized DaaS solutions for businesses of many sizes.

2. Improved Security

  • Virtual desktops store your business data in a secure location on the cloud platform. No sensitive info remains stored on the physical device, eliminating the threat of stolen or lost items damaging the company.

  • Traditional PCs can be infected from USB drives, Internet links, and phishing emails, but DaaS environments are protected by multi-layer security, virtually eliminating the risk of infection.

  • DaaS can help your business achieve and maintain compliance with industry regulations and standards (HIPAA, SEC, SOX, etc.) because cloud service providers can bring a team of experts to design and implement your solution to meet these requirements.

3. Increased Mobility & Flexibility

  • Virtual desktops are compatible with the BYOD movement; allowing employees to access their complete desktop on any device. DaaS frees your team to use any Windows Application on Mac, Android, iOS or Windows devices like tablets, smartphones or thin clients (think ERP system, MS Office, CRM, etc),.

  • Hibernate your office desktop and pull it up at home with your tabs still open and your applications running. While it does require an internet connection to access, DaaS still removes the restrictions of a traditional computer and maintains a consistent user experience regardless of device.

With DaaS, each employee desktop becomes a virtual workstation in the Cloud providing more effective IT management and less stress for business owners.


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