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Why We Say No

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Have you ever had a conversation where you suggest an idea to someone?

You could say anything – “Wanna grab a coffee?” or “Is your IT outdated?” – and the answer is immediately “No”. Maybe that person prefers to drink tea or perhaps their instinctive response goes a little deeper. When someone doesn’t say yes, there’s often a reason. What’s holding them back?

Fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of disappointment. Fear of change. But people will never admit they’re afraid; they tell others an excuse or say nothing at all. If we don’t acknowledge the fear then it doesn’t exist, right? Humans become increasingly fearful of change over time and with the number of people that hear about it. We prefer familiarity, even going so far as to keep a terrible job or stay in a dying industry because it’s comfortable. Fear tells us to fit in, to stay away from strangers, and avoid risk by any means possible. The word “risk” carries a negative connotation and is often automatically associated with failure.

But what about the chef that adds a different main course to his menu or the investor that builds a new property downtown? There are risks with each decision, but also rewards. Decision-makers habitually focus on the fear/what-ifs and ignore the much greater probability that the project will go beautifully.

A well-researched venture with appropriate resources and strategy can produce numerous benefits if the team is willing to overcome their fear.

Fear of failure is not the only challenge; success is just as uncomfortable. If you take the risk and try something, what happens if it works? Your familiar environment will change, leading to new skills and responsibilities for your position. That’s scary, right? It’s natural to hide from opportunities because they bring change.

How we Overcome the Fear

What can pull us out of this static state, where we sit paralyzed under the anxiety of moving forward?

Let’s ask that question to our IT Managers out there. Instead of “It’s not the right time” or “We made a large spend on this 5 years ago”, think about the possibilities in front of you right now. For some IT Managers, sunk costs weigh heavily on their souls. Would showing interest in something now mean that they were wrong before? Of course not – you implemented your current system because it was the best at the time. You made your decision based on those facts, but the evolution of technology has brought new information to light. While it’s difficult to change, businesses thrive on continuing to better their productivity and efficiency.

How Iserv Can Help

We know that technology is a big expense, but it’s also crucial to your business. Whether you’re in an office with multiple computers, a hospital using phones and tablets, or a factory operating robotic machinery, IT serves as the backbone.

That’s why we don’t try to sell to you.

Partnership is our goal; working together to create positive change for your organization and ours. We want to meet you where you are in terms of need, experience, anxiety, and more. We ask you to trust us and listen to our ideas with an open mind so that we can engage as humans (not business people).

We understand the fear because we have it too.

Let’s say it all together: “I am afraid”. Now that we’ve called it out, we can work to stifle that voice that shouts “You’re going to fail!” Hesitation is normal but giving the fear a good kick in the face helps us become better problem solvers and innovators. Build a successful product/service for customers and a livelihood for employees – that’s your company’s quest! Iserv helps you invest in the strongest technology for your needs, examining your current infrastructure and filling gaps or replacing processes if necessary. We encourage a tradition of honesty; if something isn’t your best option, we won’t suggest it. We’re offering our hand and we hope you take it. Together we have a chance to do some real work, without fear, manipulation, or blame holding us back.

Final Thoughts

Fear can be a useful tool in business. Objections are healthy, keeping you away from shady people and potentially damaging enterprises. But recognizing when there’s hope, when a solution can benefit your productivity and amplify your impact on the world, that’s where our interactions live. If you can bring yourself to a place where you have the complete information, the right partners, and the courage to take the leap, your journey is just getting started.

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