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Why You Should Ditch Your PC and Use a Virtual Machine

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Let’s start by defining what a virtual machine (VM) is. It’s essentially a computer emulator, or software that executes computer programs, that is hosted in the cloud. For example, if you have one computer for a small office that five people share (depending on their workdays/hours), each person can access their own individualized desktop from that one device. Besides customization, Desktop Virtualization offers the following advantages:

1. Boost productivity (even in non-traditional or remote offices)

Inside the VM environment, users gain the flexibility to work from any device in any location. In turn, companies can empower their employees with schedules that fit their needs and still meet workload requirements.

2. Deploy and scale in minutes

“Given what the cloud can do, people need to have the ability to spin up and spin down on demand. And that’s the unique thing that a Windows Virtual Desktop does relative to traditional VDI.” Traditional desktop deployment involves various installation and optimization steps, where a VM can be set up in minutes using pre-configured server templates. Also, admins can host multiple Windows 10 sessions at the same time, making it easier and faster to migrate apps to the cloud.

3. Protect business-critical data

Virtual machines run in an isolated environment, separate from your main operating system. Want to test your antivirus? Run it in a guest OS without fear of compromising your applications. Virtual machines also have built-in security and compliance features, so your data is safe from any external threats.

4. Take advantage of VM snapshots

A VM snapshot is a complete copy of the virtual environment at any one point in time. If your OS crashes or you want to reverse configuration changes, simply reset your VM (instantly) to a previous state. Additionally, Disaster Recovery has never been easier. Virtualization replicates your servers in the cloud, so your team can quickly restore function in a disaster event.

5. Enhanced capabilities

  • Unlimited number of desktops – add as many as you need

  • Switch between desktops with ease – click Task View to jump to another window

  • Accurate analytics – use dashboards to monitor progress and productivity

6. Reduce costs

Pooling resources (one physical machine hosting several virtual desktops) allows your company to reduce overhead costs like power consumption and general maintenance. Consolidation can also save on CAPEX costs by reducing the impact of product life cycles. With virtual machines, you can save money and provide high-quality resources to your users.

Many modern businesses implement VMs for simplicity. Contact us today and ask about a free network assessment. We’ll set up a free virtual desktop for you to try!


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