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Choosing the Right Network for Your Medium-Sized Business

Keeping your SME running efficiently doesn’t have to be difficult. Have you ever considered using IT to simplify management and improve productivity?

A strong internet connection is the backbone that powers your operations and helps prepare your company for growth. Cloud-based networking allows your guests and remote employees to connect to secure, reliable WiFi and applications.

Here are a few things to think about when it comes to business internet:

1. Size

How large is your organization? How big do you want to become? When choosing an internet solution, always plan for growth. Employee devices and other equipment like printers and security cameras put a strain on your network connection.

An IT partner will conduct a site survey and recommend the best placement of access points for 100% WiFi coverage and zero network congestion. Capacity planning is simple too; because cloud-based networking is fully scalable, you only pay for what you’re using.

2. Guest Network

Does your business interact with the public? If so, it’s important to ensure consumers can quickly connect to high-speed WiFi. People expect access wherever they are (hotel, restaurant, doctor's office, auto shop, etc.) and your business can stand out by providing a superior experience.

Enterprise-grade WiFi offers separate employee and guest networks to maintain security. Visitors log on via a different SSID which blocks access to your internal data. When users reach your captive portal on their browser, they’ll be directed to an authentication page to read the terms of use. This page is also completely customizable, so your business can add colors, logos, and promo offers.

3. Remote Employees

Got staff outside the office? Cloud-based networks allow remote employees to securely access their apps from any location, on any device. Simplify your IT management with a centralized dashboard, automated maintenance, and 24/7 performance monitoring. An IT partner works to design, install, manage, and support your network, so your team can focus on innovation.

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