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Why Vacation Destinations Need WiFi Connections

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

We are connected. Whether it’s via laptop, smartphone or tablet, the average person is using a mobile device for one reason or another. WiFi is now not only wished for, but expected to be in most every location that we go. People use the internet for business and for leisure, so vacation destinations such as hotels, marinas, resorts, and campgrounds would benefit from adding a wireless solution to their offerings. Places where people frequent in the process of travel (airports, train stations, etc.)should consider this as well. In a world where a bad customer review can ruin a company’s reputation, it’s a smart decision to provide WiFi for people at their “home away from home.”

Hotel owners: update your WiFi! We’ve all heard stories about people trying to connect to hotel WiFi, only to come storming down to the front desk to complain about how it isn’t working. Having WiFi that guests can easily connect to reflects positively on your property and brand, especially for hotels with business guests. WiFi plays a huge role in how guests rate their hotel experience; better connections equal an increase in customer loyalty and more frequent stays.

The same goes for marinas. Yachts are traditionally parked in a marina with owners visiting several times during the year or staying during the colder months in their hometowns. Managed WiFi solutions implemented in marinas can be used for marketing purposes, as boaters are searching for a place to anchor their yacht that allows them to have the same amenities that they do in their actual home. While aboard, people expect to have the ability to check email, chat with family and friends and make dinner reservations from the comfort of their own boat, just like people would rather stay home and Christmas shop online in their pajamas. Offering wireless connections at a marina can also enhance safety for boaters, giving them the ability to download charts and check weather forecasts before setting sail.

People use the internet for three primary reasons while on vacation. Updating social media with statuses and pictures (also a referral marketing opportunity), staying connected at work (business travelers), and as a guide for local attractions (reviews, hours, maps, and GPS). Offering WiFi at your tourist destination, so that they don’t have to waste all of their phone data, is a simple way to increase your loyal customer base and market share. The shift to the digital age requires higher speed wireless to handle more user devices, so the next step is to update your property accordingly.

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