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3 Latest Developments in Physical Security

Modern physical security is more than just video cameras. New technology allows you to monitor your property, control entry/exit points, and detect environmental changes from anywhere, on any device. Protect your people and assets with cloud-based physical security tools like these:

1. Real-Time Analytics

Modern video surveillance uses AI to record and alert your team to pre-determined activities. For example, you can configure the system to flag movement at a property after hours and send notifications directly to your phone. If further action is needed, you can send video evidence to law enforcement with one click.

Remote management is especially useful for managers with multiple locations. Customize your alert settings and leverage real-time data to keep your business safe.

2. Access Control

Cloud-based access control allows you to easily manage every door at your building(s). From a centralized dashboard, your team can add/remove users and set up touchless entry instantaneously. Security managers can even create one-time visitor codes that deactivate after use.

3. Environmental Sensors

Monitor changes in temperature, noise, humidity, motion, and air quality with all-in-one environmental sensors. Alerts for abnormal readings are sent in real-time to any mobile device, so you can act quickly. You can also integrate the video feed and sensor data to see exactly what caused the change.

To learn more about physical security solutions for your business, talk to an expert today:

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